For a blog that’s supposed to be all about happiness, so far it’s been pretty heavy.  Maybe it’s time I lightened up a little!  

Let’s be airy fairy for a change!


Here’s something airy: music!  Singing is ONE THING that helps my happiness level tremendously.  It is only one small thing, but remember that adding just ‘one thing’ to your day or week can often be the tweak that helps you tremendously, or gets you over the hump, or just adds something you didn’t know you needed to your day.  I can’t remember a time when I regretted spending a few minutes singing.  It usually just makes things better!


I cannot guarantee that it will be YOUR thing.  I can only urge you to do it more if you like it too, and/or to do other thing(s) that help you in a similar way.  (Is it drawing?  Embroidery? Filipino stick-fighting?  I DON’T KNOW.  I’M NOT YOU.)  

I do know that I love to sing!  I sing when I am happy.  I sing when I am excited.  I sing when I am frustrated, but I usually do NOT sing when I am truly sad, or mad, and I think that says a lot about its significance in my life.

But yeah, it’s a great outlet, and until now one I could only engage in at karaoke, during late-night parties or around the house while cleaning or irritating my family.

NOW, however, there is Smule.

I will blame my clear-voiced bestest pal Stacey for this one.  She suggested Smule Sing, and I installed it on my phone.  Then I forgot all about it.  But LATER in an idle moment I opened it up and was…


You just upload a profile, (mine’s: Jennnq, I have ceased to be creative), select your musical preferences (don’t worry, you can still search later anyway) and start with the ability to unlock one song.

Choose carefully, record that song, get used to playing with the controls (my first one sucked, it wound up vocally overcorrected, but I left it up anyway) and YOU decide whether to post publicly or privately.  

After that first song, I think you have to do collaborations to rack up points and unlock more songs you can sing solo. I’m not sure though, because I kind of knew I was in love with the app right away and forked over the couple of bucks it takes to go VIP.  Now I have my pick of songs, and can sing whatever I want!  Huzzah!

Here’s me singing.  

Not to knock the opportunity to collaborate at all though.  In fact, I LOVE the collaborations I have done because you are working with a singer who is typically from somewhere else entirely, and singing with another person is extra motivation!  I think I sound better on some of those because I really don’t want to let the other person down.  Kind of an additional kick in the pants!

Here’s a fun collaboration. (I’m the 2nd voice.)

None of this is to say that I think I’m the greatest singer or anything.  In fact, hearing my own voice played back has served to help me see more clearly what I can’t sing. (And also made me more aware of certain habits.)  I tried a Britney Spears song.  I was quickly reminded that I am not a pop star.  I can also hear that I do tend to sound a little theatrical and ‘trained’ which does NOT suit everything!  

It is a challenge to recognize and make peace with the fact that there are limitations depending on how you’re recording too.  I am using my Android phone which means, sadly, that I do not have video on my recordings.  (May actually be a good thing. I do some odd stuff while singing!) I am also singing into headphones with a mic built in, and I know I am really too loud for it to handle sometimes.  I don’t have a full, pro studio, so when I hit a high note, or a really loud one, it doesn’t translate perfectly.  Still though.  The miracle of technology!  Karaoke with friends whenever you like!

Despite the fact that I sometimes mess up, and my phone/microphone don’t always cooperate with me, I am going to KEEP recording, and keep leaving my recordings public.  I have had people tell me that they wouldn’t do the same, and I completely understand, but I have figured out some basic truths about myself in relation to singing.  The biggest one: MY voice makes ME happy.  

Singing has brought me joy in the past, and I have performed some things really well.  No singular song’s performance defines what I can/can’t do, and even if EVERYONE ELSE hates it when I open my mouth, I don’t.  Plus, what is the absolute worst thing that could happen if I post publicly?  Some troll could tell me that I suck and they don’t like my singing?  I hardly think that should matter, or serve to change my opinion.

A happy Jennnq is one who sings.  Yes, this may just be a silly app, but I am my most authentic self when I use it, because I am doing something I genuinely love.  I would sing without it, of course, but perhaps not as often.  Using it regularly reminds me generally of what music means to me.  Plus, yeah, getting any listens at all brings me a great deal of joy!

Ain’t that the name of the game?

Brightest blessings,


What say you?

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