We’re Buying a House!

Jason and I are very close (8 days!!) to moving into our own home. Not renting. Moving into a space that’s OURS. (Or, almost ours, as you do.)

I really must be serious about this guy after all! 😉 The house stuff is a little scary, but it feels like a logical next step.

There are still some last minute details that we need to clue up, but barring some extreme circumstance or an unforeseen emergency, we have our house!

I got the necessary leave time off work and everything. (Wooo!) Not that any of this time off work will truly be time “off” at all!

It’s a bit surreal. It’s like we’re being treated as actual grownups. It’s like we are actual grownups. Jason and I are jumping off of a cliff together. Hey, at least we’re jumping together! We have to think about so many “house things” that have never been our responsibility before. How often do we need to test the well? How many years can we expect out of the roof? Let’s talk seriously about proper drainage! Holy mackerel. I am so glad that at least get to do this with my partner and my friend. There is absolutely no way that I would be doing this on my own!

There are a lot of cool things about the new place. It’s bright and well-maintained. A lot off the walls are white, and it’s quite clean-looking and nice, but I have a feeling that we’ll liven it up quickly! (So many possibilities!) It is detached. There’s a root cellar. It’s situated in an area where the houses on the surrounding lots are already established, and are kinda spread out. We should have a little peace, with a few trees on either side of us. (I think I’ll be able to sing from the front deck without disturbing anyone. Yay!!!)

Oh yeah, and our big front deck boasts a tremendous view of the ocean too. Awesome!

The new space will also offer us adequate space for artistic pursuits and crafts. Jason is happy that I’ll be able to make candles in the basement now. No more taking over the kitchen and making a mess! We like the layout a lot. We like the open concept. We like that there will be adequate kitchen space, room for an office, and a place for the treadmill I intend to eventually buy. There’s even a larger room for the offspring, which she has zero complaints about.

We have sooo much to organize and pack. The offspring is acting like it is no big deal, and seems to think that more than a week is a long time. I can listen to her naiveté and laugh a little. Ah, to be 15! I am older and much more curmudgeonly. This stuff takes effort, and that’s hard when you still have to work away from home, too!

Not that I’m unhappy. I am very happy! It’s an exciting time for a fresh start. Moving feels like a little reinvention. Life is going to be memorable and different for the next few weeks.

It’s clear that some things will not be making it into the new house. We are now starting the process of throwing things away, going through old clothes and truly examining what we need to keep, what can be donated, and what has truly become useless. (There is not a doubt in our minds that the lighter the load, the easier this will be!) I have a feeling that we will be gifting/donating quite a few things.

Jason is awesome. He is both motivated and motivating. He has already started packed up non-essential things like board games, DVD’s and CD’s. He has made friends with the staff at a corner store and has amassed an entire wall of empty boxes. His energy is pushing us forward and spurring me to try to keep pace with him. It’s really happening!

The cats of course, have no clue. We have two. One of them, I don’t think will be too much trouble. Give Autumn a couple of snacks, a cardboard box, and some time to stare at the bathroom tap, and she’s pretty much fine.

Waffles, however…

Waffles is doing GREAT right now, but it’s a particular balance. Because of her, our two cats actually require three litter boxes. With only two boxes, Waffles will become distressed, cry more, and might decide to pee on something. (She doesn’t do this now, but it took time and a LOT of frustration to figure it out.) We still cover our basement couch with tinfoil when we don’t use it… just in case! (It works. Cats hate tinfoil. Hot tip, FYI.) Waffles has acclimated to her routines and surroundings. Now we get to do it all again with our emotional kitty. We are hoping to upset her as little as possible during the move.

So many things to consider… I’m half-debating packing my altar away a bit early, although I do relish my quiet time with it. I have a small altar space set up in my room. However, our landlord is wanting to rent our current space, and we need to show it to do that. That’s totally fair, but I am squicked out by the thought of some stranger’s energy anywhere near my talismans, figurines and special homemade candles. Don’t you DARE touch my stones and crystal balls. That’s worse than going through an underwear drawer!

There are about a million things to clean and organize. Probably a whole bunch of stuff we haven’t thought of yet, too. We’re so excited! Still, I think we’re going to hold off on celebrating until the move is done and we’re actually IN the new house…cats and all!

In love and light,


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