Where’d My Podcast Go???

Let me tell you a story.

Over the past couple of weeks, around my full-time work schedule, my family commitments, and what little social life I still have left, I had been trying to produce a podcast.

And there’s been a bit of a learning curve, so I definitely started off a little bit slower, and I think that I’ve gotten quite a bit better along the way.

But still, all of this progress was contained in a single episode; my first episode. And I really wanted to get it out there!

So, after doing the research, and doing some writing, and doing quite a bit of recording and editing and learning, I finally had gotten it to a point where I was proud of it, and it was just about finished.

I’m talking, I was working on the actual ending. The part where I get to go, “thanks for tuning in!” For real, just about finished.

My show looked like it was going to be about 20 minutes long.

And I was so stoked about it. I mean, I’m not a professional producer, but I think I still kind of know what decent audio sounds like? Anyway, I was at least aiming for decent, and some of what I had put together was sounding quite good to my non-professional ear.

Basically, what I was producing was several tracks, divided by topic, plus my intro music, transition music between my segments, and the occasional sound effect.

And then and the whole system crashed.

My audio editing software gave up the ghost.

Yuck. Ok. I tried not to panic. I reopened the program, and to my relief I saw that it had recovered something.

Unfortunately, to my subsequent utter horror, I then realized that what it had recovered was only a very tiny piece of a much larger recording.

My work was gone.

And I mean…lesson learned. Next time I will save a few different versions along the way so I always have something to go back to. But that was nearly 20 hours worth of work. And it was work that I had struggled to get done. And now we’re back to square one. OMG.

Upside? I can tell you that the quality is going to be better overall this time around, because I have a better idea of what I’m doing.

Right now however, this is awfully frustrating! I have been really itching to share this with you!

Thanks for listening to my rant.

It’ll be out eventually. Jason is highly advising that I leave it be for now. I need a break!

Yours eventually,


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