Welcome to the Magickal Mystery Podcast!

Finishing this tonight. Bit of a learning curve what with it being my first one, but I have learned a lot!! Also, this episode will contain magical underwear! ๐Ÿ˜ฏ Will be looking to a bi-weekly schedule after this weekend. Coming April 12th, 2019!**Yeah, slightly postponed, but it's gonna be worth the wait! ๐Ÿ’

Corporate Cluelessness

So, if you were at a work meeting, and someone mentioned having just discovered Buddhism, how would you act? Or, if a friend of yours in the office confided, loudly enough to be overheard, that she just taken up a Hindu meditation practice? Or, how about all those colleagues I sometimes hear talking about a... Continue Reading →

What The Psychic Said

Iโ€™m writing y'all something. ย Itโ€™s not up to some crazy-high standard, nor does it serve a huge purpose. ย Itโ€™s not even what Iโ€™d been planning to write next on this blog. (Then again, my grand plans are why I write ALMOST NOTHING.)

A Forest In Fall

I also cannot help but love the proliferation of strange mushrooms in their multitude of unexpected shapes and arrangements. You might find the strangest specimen standing alone, or a circle of frilly brothers and sisters keeping unexpected vigil. I love those perfect days where the temperature is just crisp enough to tell you to keep moving...

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